Desktop Docking Station
Desktop Docking Station

Desktop Docking Station

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The All-in-One desktop organization docking station, designed with you and your devices in mind. Organizes your desk by providing 6 separate and convenient spaces to store paper clips, note paper/sticky notes, pens/pencils, markers, and more. Keeps your desk or desktop free and clear of clutter. Includes a place to stand up your tablet and phone, with cutouts for your charging cables. The integrated USB cable can plug into the USB port on your computer or laptop, adding a convenient 3-port hub - perfect for easy access to USB thumb drives, USB card readers, etc. Plug the integrated USB cable into an USB AC adapter (not included), and charge your devices at up to 2-3 Amps.

  • Holds Sticky Notes, Business Cards, Pens/Pencils/Highlighters, Paper Clips, Fits Most Smartphones and Tablets, Black
  • Handy 3-Port USB 2.0 Hub w/ integrated USB cable.
  • Suitable for all iPhones, iPads and all major mobile phones and tablet devices. Devices not included.
  • Thoughtfully designed to charge, connect, store and organize. 
  • Provides space for paper clips, note paper, pens, etc. while also stowing your Tablet AND Phone.
  • Keep your desk or desktop free and clear of clutter.
  • Full Product Dimensions: 8.75" x 7.00" x 4.50"
  • Color: Black